can i repost your stuff/ share it to my site/ publish it in my thing/ make my own art with your work in it ?
i'm fine with using my stuff for things that aren't for sale or self-promotion as long as you credit me. if you post it on social media, credit me with a link to my site or a tag to my social media in the body of the main post, not in tags/ replies/ comments/ etc. if you want to use something of mine for things that you will sell, use for self-promotion for financial gain, or anything you get money from, please email me at noneunbecoming@gmail.com.

how long does it take you to make an amigurumi ?
it varies from piece to piece, but the smallest amigurumi can take as little as 15 minutes. something like mushroom creatures take about 2 hours to crochet, not including embellishment like embroidery or beading.

what's inside the amigurumi ?
polyester fiberfill. same as in stuffed animals.

how long have you been crocheting ?
since i was about 9. my grandmother showed me once, and later i got a book and taught myself the rest from that, free patterns on ravelry, and crochet and knitting blogs.

can you make me a _____ ?
commissions are currently closed.

do you sell your patterns ?
i sell patterns on ravelry.

how do you get your hair color so bright?
i bleach it to white blonde first by using 30 vol developer and bleach twice. i protect my hair with natural grease by not shampooing, avoid bleaching the same hair more than 2x, and i wait at least a week between bleaching to prevent chemically burning my scalp. then i use manic panic electric lizard, left on in plastic wrap for an hour plus.