artist selfie name : none, the unbecoming
pronouns : it/its
birthdate : september 7, 1994
location : a big hole in the ground
likes : fiber arts, monsters, bugs, stickers, body modification, nonbinary people, researching trauma and its consequences, gender/ sex/ sexuality/ fetish/ attraction, psychological and b horror
dislikes : social media, bell peppers
pets : one bean

• 2023 APR 18•

undeleted instagram :| social media addiction is hard. deleted the app off my phone tho
been making a lot of bug amigurumi, other people's patterns. also been drawing/ writing/ collaging in a couple sketchbooks i made myself, and writing a series of micro stories i might publish as a zine. writing as an art form has always been hard for me because of some ptsd shit so it's a sign of progress i can do it now. proud of myself
i've been on-off stuck in an abusive relationship for almost a year now but it feels like truly getting out is getting closer now. we're out of contact but of course there's always the mental attachment. it's getting easier.

• 2023 APR 7•

been reading complex ptsd: from surviving to thriving and the body keeps the score.
finally set my instagram account for deletion :D social media hasn't been fun since myspace. hoping to be able to delete twitter eventually but shit's hard.

• 2023 JAN 20•

i bought a wacom tablet for digital drawing because my surface pro's touch screen is shitting out and its actually very nice to use and i like it a lot more than drawing directly on a screen. i have drawn 2 bugs since i got it in the mail yesterday

today's reading : here's your permission slip from the void goddess

• 2023 JAN 1•

new year new me

ominous orb
placeholder text
this is a
work in progress
i just needed to
put the media
link somewhere